MySQL High Availability and Disaster Recovery

Solutions for MySQL, MariaDB and Percona for MySQL

Choosing Business-Critical HA and DR Solutions for MySQL

Choosing a MySQL or MariaDB high availability (HA) solution is a major decision for businesses that depend on data. A proper solution needs to handle DBMS failures, of course, but there is much more to it than that.

Here are the major criteria that typically drive procurement of HA and DR solutions for business-critical MySQL, MariaDB and Percona Server for MySQL applications:

  • Local High Availability (HA) — How quickly and automatically can you recover from MySQL and other failures? Can you upgrade hardware, software, and data without taking applications offline (zero downtime maintenance and updates)?
  • Multi-region and DR — Does the MySQL HA deployment handle data spread over multiple locations, across regions, active/active, as well as automated DR models? Does it support models that bring the database closer to end users?
  • Scalability — Does the MySQL HA solution efficiently support the growth of the MySQL database?
  • Performance — Does the MySQL HA solution support optimal database performance?
  • TCO — Does the total cost of ownership, including business-critical support, cover the value provided?
  • MySQL Version — Does the MySQL HA solution support your version of native MySQL, MariaDB, or Percona Server for MySQL?
  • Infrastructure and Platform — Does the MySQL HA solution work on your preferred infrastructure, including hybrid-cloud or multi-cloud?
  • Deployment and Application Changes — How easy is deployment of the MySQL HA solution and are application changes required?
  • Completeness — Does the MySQL HA solution include fully integrated and tested components for MySQL database proxy, orchestration, and replication? Does it work out of the box?
  • Maturity — How long has the MySQL HA solution been on the marketplace and how widely is it used?
  • Security — Does the MySQL HA solution enable the highest level of data security including PCI and HIPAA compliance?
  • Management and Monitoring — Does the MySQL HA solution have solid management and monitoring tools, QA, and support?