Do-it-Yourself (DIY) MySQL Clustering

“Do It Yourself” requires significant staff time, effort and orchestration, not to mention testing for each part individually and then together - the effort grows exponentially when adding additional sites or creating a geo-deployment. Furthermore there is no dedicated support, documentation, or flexibility to make changes - thus it is risky as a stable, long-term solution.

Local High Availability (HA)

Needs to be developed, tested. Also needs to be manually reconfigured for zero downtime maintenance.

Multi-Region and DR

Can be developed. Does not include Documentation, and difficult to transfer knowledge on use and maintenance. Dependent on the original developer for improvements. Requires extensive testing for all edge cases for business-critical use.


Needs to be designed and developed from the outset. Difficult to make changes to accomodate growth once developed.


Needs to be developed - depends on implementation. Smart-scale is complicated but there are a few tools available.

Deployment and Application Changes

Depends on use case and implementation.


TCO requires significant person-hours and/or consulting hours. Support is limited.

MySQL Version

All MySQL, MariaDB and Percona Servers version.

Infrastructure and Platform

Any environment but with complexity of doing it by yourself.


Must assemble assortment of 3rd party tools and/or develop own components, test each on its own and together extensively. Depends on use case and implementation.


Depends on deployment.


Much more effort required to qualify for PCI and HIPAA and show continuing compliance.

Management and Monitoring

Must be developed and tested. Difficult to make changes.