Amazon’s Relational Database Service is a managed database that provides simplified RDBMS features with replication. RDS sits on top of a MySQL engine and provides replication between instances and across availability zones. The instances are limited to managed connections and the system is accessible as a service through the API or SQL interface. AWS RDS Aurora is a MySQL-compatible managed SaaS solution for DevOps and local MySQL HA needs.

Local High Availability (HA)

30 seconds downtime with DNS change and Scheduled maintenance windows.

Multi-Region and DR

Does not support active/active. Failback requires manual reprovision; Aurora Global takes a few minutes.


Supported but cost of growth is unpredictable


Requires database proxy (not included), distributed file system and app awareness (changes).

Deployment and Application Changes

Depends on use case. Apps with advanced MySQL 8.0 and MariaDB features may not work.


Expensive if your deployment is complex, scaling or requires Support. Basic support > 12 hours, business-critical Enterprise support extremely expensive. Managed DBaaS still requires database administration.

MySQL Version

"Compatible MySQL" based on MySQL 5.6, 5.7, and 8.0, and no MariaDB 10.x support

Infrastructure and Platform

AWS only. No Hybrid-Cloud or Multi-Cloud.


For multi-region deployments it is not integrated, requires additional components for extra cost.


Mature for HA, but DR with Aurora Global is not mature and RDS Proxy is basic and costs extra.


Built-in and for PCI, HIPAA compliance.

Management and Monitoring

UI, region specific - can only view a single region at a time. Full monitoring, though enhanced monitoring is charged extra.