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MySQL New York Meetup Returns

MySQL Meetup

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Simplifying database orchestration anywhere with Terraform and ClusterControl

05/28/2024 | Severalnines

Infrastructure as Code (IaC) has become key to modern software development. Terraform – one of the most popular IaC tools – won the hearts of DevOps teams by offering a vast ecosystem of providers that allow it to interact with various cloud platforms, services, and APIs.

Terraform hosts a wide range of providers for deploying databases. However, most of these providers offer managed services that limit you to an environment or make you give up control of your infrastructure and the datab

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Machine Learning with MySQL HeatWave and predictions in Grafana

How to visualize predictions in Grafana using MySQL HeatWave Machine Learning

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Executing System Commands in MySQL Shell

MySQL Shell offer many features to make life easier for DBAs and developers. In this post we talk about how to execute system commands inside MySQL Shell.

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Understanding THL, Events and Storage: Part 1

05/24/2024 | Continuent

When Tungsten Replicator extracts data, the information that has been extracted is written down into the Tungsten History Log, or THL. These files are in a specific format, and they are used to store all of the extracted information in a way that can easily be used to recreate and generate data in a target.

Each transaction from the source is written into the THL as an event, so within a single THL file there will be one or more events stored. For each event, we record information abo

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Running External Scripts in MySQL Shell

MySQl Shell offer many features to make life easier for DBAs and developers. In this post we talk about how to execute external JavaScript, Python, or SQL files indie MySQL Shell.

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Recently a Continuent Customer Asked: How Does Tungsten Replicator Handle Transient Errors When Applying to AWS Redshift?

05/22/2024 | Continuent


In this blog, part of a series of “Recently a Customer Asked” posts for Tungsten University, we explore the reason for the occasional Tungsten Replicator OFFLINE:ERROR state when applying to AWS Redshift, along with possible steps to compensate for the issue.

The Question

How do we handle the occasional Tungsten Replicator OFFLINE:ERROR state when applying to AWS Redshift? We see Errno 104 Connection reset by peer messages.

The Reason

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Where can you find MySQL during June - August 2024

Where is MySQL, 6-9, 2024

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Using Oracle Analytics Cloud with MySQL HeatWave

In this article, we will see how to connect OAC to MySQL HeatWave in OCI.

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Debugging JavaScript Stored Functions in MySQL

MySQL Enterprise and MySQL HeatWave now support writing stored functions and procedures using JavaScript. In this post we show how to debug JavaScript code used to create stored functions.

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